Eslin (@1.5) vs Drumkeerin (@2.87)

Our Prediction:

Eslin will win

Eslin – Drumkeerin Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 08:30

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To contact the Office of the Press Ombudsman go to or Leitrim Observer provides news, events and sport features from the Leitrim area. This scheme in addition to defending the freedom of the press, offers readers a quick, fair and free method of dealing with complaints that they may have in relation to articles that appear on our pages. This website and its associated newspaper are full participating members of the Press Council of Ireland and supports the Office of the Press Ombudsman.

Storm Gabrielle to bring 100km per hour winds this week

There was a great turn out, 16 tables altogether! An excellent nights entertainment. Well done to our Ladies on the table quiz they organised and was held in Davitts Bar last night. Thank you to all 13 sponsor's for their generous contributions and well done to the winning team of Ciaran White, Joe Early, Kevie Forde and James Gallagher. A final thank you to everyone who showed up and Davitts Bar for facilitating the event.

For the Gaels, their problems are in sustaining their best form - they just haven't been able to do it for an hour and when the mistakes come, the head gone down and the scores mount up against them. It seems unlikely they can turn that sort of flaw around in a week unless they hit Manor for a few goals early on and work to hold them off.

Prediction Game: report What a weekend of football with one outstanding league match and 3 Divisional finals taking place and well done to Mayo, Donegal and Derry on their victories and a mention must go to a gallant Leitrim team who did us all proud in Croke park. 28 entrants had Kerry as runners up. The outstanding league match between Laois and Westmeath ended in a draw (promotes Westmeath) with13 entrants getting it correct, although all 13 were out of the running for the top prize. As it stands, if Westmeath win, then James Earley would come out on top and if Laois win, Kevie would claim top prize. Out of a possible 45 points on offer last weekend, 35 was the highest score with Charles Meehan, Gabriel Flynn and Kevie Forde all recording 35 points. As stated, all of this has to be double checked and is not an official result. 94 entrants had picked Dublin to win the title. in Division 2, 101 had Donegal as the winners, 11 had Meath as runners up. It looks like the rest are out of the running although a full check will be done before the weekends matches. Best of luck to both entries next weekend. That score of 35 points for Kevie sees him head to the top of the table with 135 points followed by James Earley with 130 points. In Division 4, 96 had selected Derry as the outright winners with 76 having Leitrim as runners up. Just to run through the Divisions; in Division 1 out of 127 entries, only 3 had predicted Mayo to win so well done to Gabriel Flynn, John Joe Byrne and Paul Gallagher.

And both teams have a history of ending the title defence of the other side so there is a lot of spice to this clash. The tie of the weekend. A repeat of last year's County Final between the teams who have shared the title between them since 2013 when St Mary's were the last winners other than Aughawillan and Mohill.

Turmoil in Fine Gael as Sinead Maguire steps down as candidate

Leaderboard with 3 weeks to go: Tommy Rogan and Daire Carrigan (57); Darragh Flynn and Kevie Forde (56); Ciaran Walpole and James Earley (55); Barry McPadden and Francie Davitt (54); Conor McGoldrick, David Moran and Stephen McManus (53); Thomas Davitt, Ciaran Daly and Joe McTernan (52);Larry Walpole, Eamon O'Grady jnr, Jimmy McPadden and Ryan Gallagher (51); Pat Duignan, Declan Gallagher, Lauraine Clarke, Angela Kiley Mulvey, David McManus and Jimmy McPadden (50). The 2 results which left Division 2 the toughest as regards points scored was Meath winning in Cork, 28 getting that one correct but the major result here was Fermanaghs win away to Donegal, not one entry from 127 got that one right.In Division 3, 74 was the number for 2 matches, Westmeath to beat Laois and Down to win in Longford; Sligo let many punters down with another poor display, 38 predicting a Louth victory there while 61 reckoned Offaly would beat Carlow. After round 3, we had a top 13 with 40 points or more, our table this week will be those with 50 points or more and we have 24 entries in that category. 22 points was on offer this week and well done Michael McWeeney and to birthday boy Sean McCabe who ended the week with 16 points, with Kevin Connaire, Natasha McTiernan, Stephen McManus, Sean Mulvey and Thomas McPartlan are getting 15 points. Before we look at the leaderboard, some stats; for the First week there was no drawn game; for the 3rd week out of four, Division 4 was the easiest to predict, next easiest was Division 1, Division 3 was next with Division 2 the toughest. On the leaderboard, we have lost 3 from last week top 13, they actually have slipped out of the top 24, Aaron Wynne, John Joe and Kate Byrne. In Division 2, 99 had Armagh winning against Tipperary with 111 giving Kildare the verdict over Clare. Good luck to everybody next week. Sean McCabe had the most predictions correct with 13 from 16. Last weeks leader Barry McPadden also had a poor week, slipping from 1st to joint 7th Of course, that means a number of entries have come into the reckoning for the first time. Prediction Competition: Over half way in our National Football League prediction competition and its certainly hotting up with only seven points separating the top 24. In Division 1, 99 had Dublin to beat Mayo, 58 had Tyrone to beat Monaghan, 57 had Kerry to win away to Galway while 53 predicted Cavan would beat Roscommon. Of course, the winner may yet come from outside the above group, there are 11 entries with 49 points so its still wide open for the 500 first prize. Congrats again to Leitrim in Division 4, still top of the table and a step closer to Croke Park but only just after a titanic battle with Limerick, 85 predicting a Leitrim win in Kilmallock; 114 got Antrims win over London correct, 121 had Derry to beat Wicklow but the biggest shock here was Waterfords huge win away to Wexford, 9 entries correct on that one.

Gortletteragh, Allen Gaels, Fenagh and one of Aughnasheelin or Annaduff fir relegation. In division 2 any reason why Drumreilly and Carrigallen wasn't played? Aughawillan although won't reach league final coming into form for championship now. Some teams have less games played than others but at the minute the top 4 looks like being Ballinaglera, Drumreilly, Dromahair and Drumkeerin . Mohill and Ballinamore look good for league final that was a great win for Ballinamore tonight they will be championship contenders I think.

In Division 2, 80 tipped Meath to beat Clare; 98 went a Donegal win in Cork; 102 went for Kildare to get the better of Tipperary and 99 got it right Armagh to beat Fermanagh. Only 6 out of 127 predicted wins for Mayo over Kerry and Tyrone over Dublin so well done to Joe Walpole, Michael McTernan, James Gallagher (Corry), Junior Hazlett, Christina Byrne and Paul Gallagher. He is six points clear at the top but as already mentioned, a lot of points to be played for yet. As it stands though, Tommy Rogan looks favourite to take the 500 prize. Ray McLoughlin and Junior Hazlett were the big winners last weekend, each of them scoring 19 points with Stephen McManus and James Gallagher (Corry) hitting 18 points each. GAA prediction report week 6 Prediction Game: Only one round of fixtures remaining, but remember there are 60 points available on the last weekend of March when the four divisional finals are being played. In Division 4, Leitrim lost their unbeaten record in a rehearsal of the Divisional final in a couple of weeks, losing by seven points in Derry with 92 predicting that particular result; 95 tipped Antrim to beat Wicklow, 48 got it correct for a Waterford victory in London with 89 tipping Wexford to beat Limerick. The top 20 with points in brackets are as follows: Tommy Rogan (93); Stephen McManus (87); Daire Carrigan (86); James Earley (85); Angela Kiley Mulvey and Kevie Forde (84); Darragh Flynn (83); Ciaran Daly, Cathal McCauley and Aaron Wynne (82); David McManus, Kate Byrne and Aaron Wynne (81); Seamus Gallagher, Thomas Davitt, James Gallagher Corry, Natasha McTernan, David Moran, Eamonn O'Grady Junior and Joe McTernan (80) For the full table check Drumkeerin Handball facebook page. Again as in the last couple of weeks, there was no drawn game. Looking at each match, in Division 1, 100 got it right Galway to beat Roscommon; only 10 predicted Tyrone to win against Dublin; 26 had it right Mayo to win in Kerry, while 114 tipped Monaghan to beat Cavan. The next toughest Division re points won was Division 3 but of course only 3 games were played here. Division 4 was next toughest with Division 2 the easiest. On the results side of things, 3 of the above, Junior, James and Ray correctly predicted 13 results from 15 matches. If that game goes ahead, then points will be awarded as normal, but if the game is not played at any stage, no points will be awarded. In Division 3, 79 predicted Down to win in Carlow; 59 had Longford to beat Sligo with 77 going for a Laois victory against Offaly. The toughest Division to predict last weekend was Division 1, mainly because of two great away wins by Mayo and Tyrone. 22 points on offer last weekend, remember one game was not played, Louth v Westmeath.

No McCauley there for some reason. They will be division 2 next season. Very intense, close game and a huge crowd there. Drumkeerin don't look like they will be ending the championship famine anytime soon. Lots of men behind the ball. Drumreilly/Glera final. Was in carrigallen on Wednesday just to see what the standard was. Carrigallen looked fit and worked hard. Yet not gametime for leitrim and us trying everyone and his dog at 6 including some of the poorest players i've seen in a Leitrim jersey for many years. You would wonder where are drumkeerin going, however, they seem to be going round in circles the last few years. Gary Reynolds head and shoulders above anyone on the field and by all accounts he has been head and shoulders above everyone in Div 2.

Fixtures for the next 10 Days

Three finals will take place next weekend, but whoever wins our competition will have to wait a further week as the Division 3 final will now be played probably on the weekend of 6/7th April.. There was 23 points on offer last weekend and it was the females who led the way with Natasha McTernan and Sandra Mulvey top scorers with 18 points each, Sean Mulvey and Angela Kiley Mulvey close behind on 17 points each ( a good weekend for the Mulveys). Just 11 points separating the top 20 with a possible n63 points to play for yet. The top 20 are as follows: Tommy Rogan (105); Stephen McManus and Angela Kiley Mulvey (101); James Earley and Kevie Forde (100); Daire Carrigan (99); Natasha McTernan (98); David McManus (97); Cathal McCawley and Aaron Wynne (96); Charles Meehan, Darragh Flynn, Ciaran Daly and Aaron Wynne (95); Hugh McPartlan, Thomas Davitt, Sandra Mulvey, Eamonn O'Grady Junior, Kate Byrne, and Ray McLoughlin (94). Finally, best of luck to Leitrim next Saturday in Croke Park. Last weeks leader Tommy Rogan didn't have the best of weeks and his lead is now just 4 points. Regarding the results, again it was the 2 ladies Natasha and Sandra who hit top scores, each getting 13 correct from 15 games. The toughest division as regards points scored was division 3, Division 2 was the next toughest followed by Division 4 with Division 1 being the easiest. Looking through the matches, in Division 1, 124 correctly predicted a Dublin win in Cavan; 72 got it right Mayo to beat Monaghan; 105 had Kerry to beat Roscommon with 79 getting it right Tyrone to beat Galway; in Division 2, 36 correctly predicted Cork to win in Armagh, 110 had it right Donegal to beat Kildare; 92 had Meath to beat Fermanagh with only 26 going for a Clare victory against Tipperary; in Division 3, only 13 predicted a Louth win against Down while 85 had Laois to beat Carlow; only 11 went for Offaly to win in Sligo while 75 had Westmeath to beat Longford; in Division 4, 113 had it right Derry to beat Wexford, 122 had it correct Leitrim to beat Waterford, meaning of course that 5 entries predicted Leitrim would not win the game ( I wont name them); 83 got it correct Antrim to beat Limerick while 99 had Wicklow to beat London; Next weekend of course 45 points are at stake when 3 of the Divisional finals take place. The round robin format of the league is over with the exception of one game, Louth and Westmeath have yet to play. No drawn game this week.

Any help in the scoring stakes would make Eslin far tougher to beat. To be honest, I'd have Eslin just behind Annaduff and Leitrim Gaels in the favourites stakes and I expect them to come through here. The question for Eslin is can they do enough to lift some of the burden off Beirne as he simply can't do it all himself.