Michael White (@1.8) vs Jordan Brown (@2.0)

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Michael White will win

Michael White – Jordan Brown Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 09:30

She notes that Aomine is back to his former self, even if a little. Both team's players go back on the court but Aomine wasn't playing attention. She then remembers their time back in Teik and how Aomine never payed attention when there was a worthy opponent. Momoi calls out to him and asks him if he was listening to the team plan which Aomine denies.[29] He leaves the bench as Momoi stood still in surprise.

Kagami attempts to shoot a formless shot but is intercepted by Aomine and misses.[25] With this the 1st quarter ends and the break begins with a score of 46 - 48 for T. Aomine is pressured by Kagami who is managing to keep up with him. His teammates note that Aomine has finally found an opponent he can play his hardest against and that he is beside himself with joy.[26] Imayoshi also tells the rest that Aomine still didn't play at his fullest yet. Aomine separates from his team and goes outside of the stadium.

He takes pieces of Sakurai's bento without asking and pulls a lame excuse when he is asked where he was. Aomine then picks up a stray basketball and mocks practice, saying that he doesn't need it as long as he performs well in matches. He gets irritated when a teammate complains about his absence and quickly departs after picking up his idol magazine. He dunks with ferocious power, breaking the basket. The team is on lunch break when Aomine returns to the gym. He leaves after stating that they can bug him about practice when they're better than him.[13]Imayoshi later comments than Aomine is forgiven for these acts because he is simply a sport-changing player. Suddenly, Wakamatsu stops him and grabs him by his collar in anger and shouts that he should go to practice. Aomine says that he's not very energetic and that he'll therefore let Wakamatsu off the hook this time, though he does violently kick him in the stomach shortly after.

Aomine passes Kagami but is then blocked by Kiyoshi to shoot. He jumps and realises this is a fake when Aomine jumps as well making Kiyoshi foul him and scores the basket.[31] Later, Aomine comes face to face with Kuroko, Kagami and Kiyoshi who triple team him. Aomine then uses his formless shot but misses due to Kuroko misdirecting his gaze towards him. Aomine gets the ball during T's counterattack when Kiyoshi comes to block him. Both teams score and don't give in. Everyone was surprised Aomine missed but soon realised it was due to Kuroko.[32] Kuroko tells Aomine that this technique was created to stop him.

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When KaijfacedT, Aomine initially overwhelmed Kise as he couldn't overcome his admiration for Aomine, but when Kise began utilising his copy-cat to mimic Aomine's style he was pushed on the back foot. After the match which was won by T, Imayoshi revealed that Aomine had an even higher level. He eventually managed to stop Kise's last attempt as he passed to Kasamatsu.

Aomine challenges Kagami and Kagami rudely asks him who he is. Aomine gives him his name and Kagami realizes that he's one of the Generation of Miracles. Aomine overpowers Kagami and tells him his partnership with Kuroko will fail because Kagami's "light is too dim", before dashing past him and finishing the one-on-one.[12] He meets up with Momoi afterwards, and tells her that Kagami is disappointing. After asking Momoi where Kagami is, Aomine finds him practicing at a street ball court. Aomine swats away Kagami's further questions and taunts him to take him on, in order to entertain him for a bit. Aomine belittles Kagami, and finally, Kagami takes him on, Aomine's arrogance angering him.

Aomine leaves with his teammates, determined to train for future tournaments. Seirin wins the finals and are announced as the winners of this year's Winter Cup. A few weeks later, Kuroko receives a photo from Momoi which was taken on the day of Kuroko's birthday. The photo shows Aomine with his Teik teammates posing for a photo after playing street basketball.

He entered and heard basketball sounds, but couldn't see anyone playing, leading him to the conclusion that perhaps there really was a ghost. He was warned by Momoi (who was the team's manager at the time) that the gym was haunted by a ghost, but Aomine did not believe her, making fun of her for it. Kuroko and Aomine start practicing together and become good friends. They talk for a while and Aomine compliments Kuroko that staying so late for practice proves his love for basketball. He joined the basketball club as a first-year and was put into the first-string team immediately. One day, when Aomine stayed behind to practice, he was forced to go to another gym because the regular gym was full of other players. Aomine attended Junior High school in Teik for three years. Kuroko then introduced himself, scaring Aomine.

Aomine does his formless shot, with his body almost parallel to the floor, throws the ball besides Kagami, it grazes the top of the board and falls into the ring.[21]Seirin then calls for a time-out. Kuroko gets the ball on the offense and pulls up for an Ignite Pass Kai, in an act of despair. He thrusts the ball with all his might, but the ball gets stopped by Aomine. He continues by saying that his effort to defeat him was futile and that he should give up. He is standing in the middle of the court and says to Kuroko that the same move won't work on him a second time. He passes Izuki and encounters Kagami by the basket.


Momoi informs him about the match between Midorima and Kuroko, with Momoi predictably betting on Kuroko. During the finals in Block A in the Interhigh preliminaries, Seirin vs Shtoku, Aomine is seen for the first time. Momoi runs into him at the gym, where he is slacking off while the rest are having the preliminaries finals.

Momoi stated that the old Aomine was very similar toKagami;he loved playing basketball and was very good at it too. He was initially sad about this, and searched for his equal on the court, but he never found one.[2] Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he is simply the strongest and that "The only one who can beat me, is me". He often fooled around with Kuroko and Kise. He often seeks to humiliate them in the worst kind of fashion. Before he gained immeasurable strength, Aomine was outgoing and even friendly. He also cast his feelings towards his opponents aside and now views them as weak and wants to crush them. However, he kept training and getting stronger, to the point that he often completely crushed his opponents' will to play basketball. He has also become very lazy, only coming to training when he wants to, and slacking off even during matches, sometimes abusing his teammates in the process, because he became bored.

Kuroko asks Aomine to fist bump because he didn't return it during their time in Teik. Aomine agrees but tells him that this will be the last time. Aomine lost for the first time. Kagami tells Aomine that it's not the end of the world and tells him that he will face him anytime.[40] Aomine then faces Kuroko and tells him that it's his victory. He approaches Kuroko who was being supported by Kagami to stand up. He tells him that maybe this was for the best and that the little difference of not giving up resulted in him losing.

At one point it even took a triple team of Kagami, Kiyoshi, and Kuroko to stop Aomine. Aomine is described as a solo player, only playing one-on-one against his opponents and not passing the ball to his teammates even when he is cornered. His skill is reflected in the fact that he has beaten Kise in a one-on-one before, though this was before Kise acquired the Perfect Copy.