Pirati Chomutov (@1.36) vs HC Slovan Ustecti LVI (@4.5)

Our Prediction:

Pirati Chomutov will win

Pirati Chomutov – HC Slovan Ustecti LVI Match Prediction | 22-09-2019 10:00

The birth of ice hockey in st nad Labem dates back to the end of the Second World War. They entered the North-west group of winter sports and started to regularly enter the regional competitions. After couple of months they took their cue from their namesake in Prague and founded LTC (1946 1948). In 1945 a group of enthusiasts got together with Jaroslav Krop as a leading figure and in 1946 they founded the hockey club, Sokol st nad Labem.

To se nelbilo lutomodrm a o 11 vtein pozdji pidal dal gl Merta. Host znovu vyrovnali ve tet sti dky Hebejkovi. Tento duel odstartovali lpe domc. vodn branku vstelil Roubk. Tet zpas se hrl znovu v st. Pirti tak zvtzili 4:3. Dal zsah do klece modrolutch padl z hole Duka, kter promnil trestn stlen. Hovorka v devtadvact minut srovnal. Za steck jet korigoval Tma. tvrt gl Chomutova zadil dv minuty ped koncem Hebejk.

However, Slovan didnt manage to take its chance and failed to win the promotion/relegation match staying in the 2nd league and waiting 5 long years before a great 92 season saw them finally return to the 1st league in '93. In the 1988/89 season the team won the 2nd league by 16 points, winning 23 of the 28 regular season group games. In that year Slovan just managed to survive with the team avoiding relegation by just one position. This however was only delaying the inevitable, and in the following year Slovan was relegated to the 2nd league. The 1986/87 season saw a crisis hit hockey in st. Nobody doubted the teams return to the 1st league after only 1 season out.

Z na strany bylo stetnut od zatku hodn nervzn, byli nepesn a vyvrcholilo to individuln chybou, kdy jsme neobsadili steckho hre Kove. Ji trefou na 2:2 se Lvi hodn uklidnili a hrli svoji hru. Nememe to zabalit, musme se do srie vrtit, hraje se na tyi vtzn utkn. Jaroslav Lika (KLH Chomutov): "Dnen zpas rozhodl vyrovnvac gl host, kdy jsme za stavu 2:1 mli soupee vce pitlait, sklidnit hru a zvit svj nskok.

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Chomutov bude prv prvnm soupeem, proti ktermu se postav pod vedenm trenra Macha. S Chomutovem se v losk sezn potkval v nejvy souti a v nadchzejcm zpase bude bojovat za body Slovanu.Jakub Grin - Bval hr Slovanu, kter za steck odehrl 6 sezn, si po odmlce opt oblkne lutomodr dres. Dky hostovn z tmu HC Most posl obrann ady do konce sezny. Do konce sezny bude oblkat dres Slovanu, dky hostovn z extraligovho tmu HC SOB Pojiovna Pardubice. Patrik Poulek - Mlad tonk, kter vyztu kdr Slovanu, si odbyl premiru v domcm zpase proti Bentkm.

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In the following years (1949 1959) the club changed its name to ZSJ Armaturka. However, in this year the chemical company ceased funding of the hockey club due to financial difficulties. The First National League was created and the club then had to achieve the very demanding qualification standards to be admitted to the First National Hockey League. Oldich Rejna, who stayed in this position for another 23 years. After the 1971/72 season there was a change in the organisational structure of the whole competition. At that time TJ Slovan National Board came up with the solution to run hockey club as their main field of activities. The team was immediately very successful finishing runners up in the 72/73 season, only one point behind Slezan Opava. In the following season Slovan won in its group stage again but this time only managed 3rd place in the finals. After numerous meetings with the city representatives it was decided not to allow the death of hockey in the city. The next 10 years saw the team regularly finishing the championship season in the top 3. In 1959 the club changed its owner and subsequently its name to TJ Chemika and played under this name until 1963. In the 1979/80 season the team won the First National Hockey League championship by 7 points, but lost the Extra League promotion/relegation match against TJ Gottwaldov. The hockey club was then handed in to chairman JUDr. In 1966 the team won TJ Slovan qualification achieving promotion to the second league, in which they played until 1972.

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Postupn se prosadili Gajovsk, Rutta, Hovorka, Mc Gregor a znovu Gajovsk. Pot u ale adovali pouze host. V tomto kln mli ze hry vce modrobl. agt jet v prvn tetin vyrovnal. stet tak podlehli soupei 0:5. Prvn zpas se hrl na led st. Osm minut ped koncem se prosadil Hebejk. Prvn branku domcch vstelil Kolafa a Slovan se ujal veden 1:0. Slovanu nadlili pt gl. Oba tmy mily sly celkem tikrt. Druh duel hostila SD Arna. Ve druh sti pidal zsah Koma. lutomod na tuto situaci nedokzali odpovdt a ti body za vhru 3:1 zskali Chomutovt.